Short Blurb for Behavioral Economics and Human Behavior Project Course (AEM 4000, Spring 2023 at Cornell University)

For Dyson students looking to get a short summary of what is different about my AEM 4000 section, here is short blurb:

The theme for this section is around Behavioral Economics and Human Behavior. This section is designed to introduce students to the field of behavioral economics and how it can help us understand and influence human behavior. Through a combination of lectures, discussions, and hands-on projects, students will learn about key concepts like heuristics and biases and how to apply some of the ideas to real-world situations. Students are not expected to have prior training in behavioral economics. Core training will be delivered through lectures, discussions, and reading assignments. Topics will include heuristics, biases, role of behavioral architecture, and consultative methods. Core training will also cover selected behavioral economics cases that address societal issues, which can enhance creativity and help students to take broader perspective on the application of behavioral principles. In addition to the core training, students will work on sponsored projects. While the problem statement and deliverables for sponsored projects vary by semester, each project should involve applying principles from at least one area of consumer research, behavioral research, behavioral audits, experimental testing, and/or solution design. Students will receive project support to help with skills development, knowledge development, and project navigation (e.g., through coaching, pointers to prior research insights and frameworks).