The Behavioral Economics Research and Education (BERE) Lab by Stephen Shu

For the past two summers, I have personally volunteered to spend time helping a limited number of students pursue interests in behavioral economics and build their resume of experiences. For this summer, I will expand my efforts somewhat, although I hope to eventually find a more sustainable and scalable model in terms of funding, operations, and potential synergies with other organizations.

Here’s the natural extension of what I’ll be doing for the summer of 2023.

The Behavioral Economics Research and Education (BERE) Lab by Stephen Shu is an effort geared toward helping college students and young professionals with either the empirical or applied practice of behavioral economics. BERE efforts are in support of open science and the advancement of education. Where possible, students or young graduates may be supported by grants, and BERE welcomes opportunities to help students and young graduates obtain grants or corporate sponsorship.

Students and young graduates may pursue exploratory replication studies, expansion research studies, and corporate-focused research (for use in educational settings). Where possible, students are encouraged to develop empirical or professional skills (e.g., R or Stata statistical software, Python programming, communications, writing).

The research theme for 2023 includes exploratory work around the intersection of generative artificial intelligence (AI) and behavioral economics, such as similarities and differences between AI and human decision making across different platforms.