Praise for The Consulting Apprenticeship

theconsultingapprenticeship-3D“When one of the companies I worked for needed help taking its consulting organization to the next level, I hired Steve Shu. His ability to drive our management team – all with different opinions on what we should or should not do – to a ‘so-what’ conclusion and pragmatic next steps gave us the jump start we needed. He is one of the best and deeply understands how consulting organizations should work. His book provides great techniques as well as tools you can use immediately.” – Prakash Panjwani, CEO at WatchGuard Technologies, former President and CEO of SafeNet

“Steve Shu has put together a comprehensive guide to the all-important nuts and bolts of being a great consultant. The information in Chapter 21, ‘Eight Secret Weapons of the Modern Consultant,’ is worth the price of the book. If you’re serious about being a more effective consultant, read this book.” – Michael McLaughlin, Author of Winning the Professional Services Sale and Principal Consultant at MindShare Consulting LLC; former Partner at Deloitte

“I’ve worked with Steve Shu on consulting projects related to innovation and the application of behavioral science principles. He is very well respected by both academics and professionals. And as a professor in the management and organizations area, and someone who has a son working as a management consultant, it’s great to see a book like his that addresses nuances of the profession of consulting.” – John W. Payne, Joseph R. Ruvane, Jr. Professor of Business Administration at the Fuqua School of Business, Duke University

“Steve provides a thorough guide full of practical recommendations on how to drive any initiative to a positive outcome.  If you are in a business to serve customers (internal and external), this is an essential read for you whether you’re in a Fortune-50 company or a startup, or a management consultant.  I found at least eight compelling and insightful recommendations that I can apply today in my technology startup to improve my relationship with my customers and partners.” – Anurag Khaitan, Venture Investor, Entrepreneur; former General Manager of Sprint Nextel Ventures and management consultant with PRTM

“Steve Shu has written a hands-on, highly practical guide for new management consultants and internal corporate business strategists alike.  So many projects fail because they do not practice the basic consulting project management hygiene Steve describes in chapter 11.  If you are new to the trade and want to greatly increase your chance of delivering successful consulting projects, read this book.” – Robert Reppa, Vice President Strategy at Johnson Controls and former Partner at Booz & Company

“Steve Shu has written a Rosetta Stone for both new and experienced consultants.  Filled with forty power-packed ideas and practical chapter takeaways, Consulting Apprenticeship is structured for busy executives to easily digest each concept. A must read for those who seek to go beyond the shallow bromides of the consulting profession, and hone their skills with deeper, more meaningful approaches.” – Adrian C. Ott, Award-winning author of The 24-Hour Customer, and CEO, Exponential Edge Inc, called “One of Silicon Valley’s most respected strategists” by Consulting Magazine





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