Example Companies Involved with Behavioral Economics

1 Jul
Here are some firms and practice groups in the behavioral science and economics space: Behavioral Insights Team – Home – Behavioural Insights Team BEworks – Home – BEworks BeSmart at Boston Consulting Group BVA: BVA : BVA Nudge Unit The ... Read more »

What Is It Like to Work in a Nudge Unit?

16 May
This post is based on a question that was posed to me on Quora, What does it look like to work at the Behavioural Insights Team, or any other Nudge Unit? If you are interested in nudging within the government context, ... Read more »

Is Behavioral Economics Used in Business?

19 Apr
This post is reproduced from an answer that I wrote on Quora to the question posed to me, “Is Behavioral Economics Actually Used in Business?” Broad, conscious, and concerted efforts to apply behavioral economics probably did not begin until sometime ... Read more »

Behavioral Economics Versus Behavioral Science

17 Apr
There will be different perspectives on the definitions of these two terms depending on context. Put simply, behavioral economics lies at the intersection of economics and psychology. Behavioral science is a somewhat broader term than behavioral economics as it is ... Read more »

The Real Key to Performing a Competitive Assessment

1 Feb
Assuming that one has capable resources to get the job done, the most important thing needed for a competitive analysis is an articulation of the true problem statement. The need to perform a competitive analysis is not a problem statement ... Read more »