Other Resources for Inside Nudging

1 Jan
These are other miscellaneous resources that may be of interest to readers of Inside Nudging. Video: Capuchin Monkeys and Fairness Loss Aversion Calculator Retirement Goal Planning System app Video: D-Light Club Card by Idmoo | Idomoo Website Video: Voya Financial Personalized Account Videos ... Read more »

Session Description for Nudge Units: Applying Behavioral Science

1 Jan
In this session we will explore the implementation of behavioral science initiatives and applications within commercial settings. Topics to be covered include frameworks and key takeaways in leading an organization that implements behavioral science. To make these frameworks concrete, we’ll ... Read more »

Downloadable Figures for Inside Nudging

1 Jan
These are downloadable figures for Inside Nudging. Chapter 1: Figure 1 Chapter 1: Figure 2 Chapter 1: Figure 3 Chapter 1: Figure 4 Chapter 1: Figure 5 Chapter 1: Figure 6 Chapter 2: Figure 1 Chapter 2: Figure 2 Chapter 2: ... Read more »

Materials for Chapter 3 of The Consulting Apprenticeship

1 Jan
Takeaway Exercise 2: If you have more time and want to spend more time on techniques, it is worthwhile to better understand how to establish the right problem-solving structure. Consider these resources: McKinsey presentation on problem-solving and decision-making (covers core concepts ... Read more »

Perspectives On Consultants Using Twitter

9 Dec
I don't often point to comments in other blogs, but Ian Brodie shares some good perspectives on consultants using Twitter (link). It is worth a read if you are a professional consultant and trying to update your perspectives on Twitter ... Read more »