Corporate Blogging Book Deal Probably Dead

3 Mar
A book publisher approached me earlier this year to write a book on business and emerging technologies. Never thought of myself as being an author, but the opportunity showed up at the right time – my "spider-sense" told me that ... Read more »

Increased Choice, More Temptation

2 Mar
I left off my last post by asking why having an increased number of choices works well at Starbucks, but seems to cause confusion when buying jam. The difference often comes down to knowing our own preferences. For everyday decisions ... Read more »

The Sand Hill Group Has A New Blog

2 Mar
The Sand Hill Group, which provides venture investments and management advice to emerging enterprise technology leaders, has launched a new blog. Turns out that in addition to my blogging at The CIO Weblog I will be providing posts at The ... Read more »

PRTM Founder Takes Helm At Dallas-Based i2

2 Mar
The troubled supply chain software company i2 has a new CEO from my alma mater at Pittiglio Rabin Todd & McGrath. The new CEO and President is Michael McGrath, also known to people at the Firm as the "M" in ... Read more »

Is Corporate Blogging a Skillset Yet?

28 Feb
In the past, I’ve used to do some unorthodox things: serve as a data point to find out where early-adopters are with respect to a technology provide a sanity check on how much a particular technology has dispersed figure ... Read more »

Big Brother’s Watching Your Email and Blogs

26 Feb
Some of the same filtering technologies that block SPAM from getting to you will now be applied to keeping your trap mouth shut. (Hey, we’ve trained the SPAM technologies so well they will be getting used against us!) Blog readers ... Read more »