Testing Out FeedBlitz

29 Aug
I’m testing out FeedBlitz as an email subscription method for people to get blog updates of the Feedburner feed of this blog. I know that there are still some renegade RSS feeds out there, but I haven’t got the bandwidth ... Read more »

Feeling Humble In Dallas

26 Aug
If you are ever in Dallas, I think that it is worthwhile to see perhaps the largest fossilized sea turtle in the world at the Dallas Museum of Natural History. It is called the Protostega, and is estimated to be ... Read more »

King For A Day

20 Aug
Ten days ago I posted an innocuous link to something about "Ivy League Dating" and mentioned "The Right Stuff" dating website. Although my referral link traffic indicated that the search engines started hitting me just a day or two after ... Read more »

Simply Cool Sounding

3 Aug
3DTV without funky glasses. Simply cool. In a past life I used to work as a signal processing engineer in the 3D/holophonics area (e.g., 3D sound projected out of two speaker systems). Can’t begin to imagine what this visual experience ... Read more »