Did TypePad Lose One Month of My Posts?

4 Oct
All of August 6 to October 2 gone? Not good. What is going on? I had two private weblogs as well that were lost? Update (10/5/05): OK. Colleen (at Six Apart) was very responsive and pointed out to me an ... Read more »

A New Look

29 Sep
New look here. Playing around with some TypePad stuff that I haven’t played with before, just so that I can stay on top of one of the market leaders in the blogging space. The other guiding principle is that I ... Read more »

Note To Self: Out On The Street Where You Live

27 Sep
Given that I live in Dallas and try to work in entrepreneurial settings wherever I can, I do not like to read articles like this, which recounts one of Inc.com’s authors email correspondences with venture capitalist Fred Wilson’s buddy Jerry ... Read more »

Note: On Carnival Of The Capitalists

26 Sep
The Carnival of the Capitalists is *not* at the CIO Weblog. The co-authors are trying to figure out what is going on as neither of us signed up the CIO Weblog to host the Carnival this week. I noticed one ... Read more »

Changing My Ante

19 Sep
I plan to go through a process of changing my ante in the blogging world as well as rebalancing the consulting projects I am working on. 2005 has really been the personal year of the blog for me, having started ... Read more »

eBay Acquires Skype

12 Sep
From CEO Meg Whitman. Although I did not know there was 54 million Skype users (I neither follow Skype’s nor eBay’s operations closely), this number doesn’t change my initial impressions of the deal. Update: Some financial info related to Skype ... Read more »

Public Opinion Poll On eBay and Skype Rumor

8 Sep
Venture capitalist Fred Wilson has the popular opinion poll going on over at his blog about the eBay and Skype rumor. My comment is about the 23rd down on the list. Maybe it will be the dinner conversation piece Friday ... Read more »