Couldn’t Save This For Friday

26 Jul
Perhaps I’m a little out of touch with the world these days. Jenny Jet is a new action adventure for your cell phone. People can blog about, hmmm … well SMS Media Group is launching it, and they say it ... Read more »

Found A CIO Blog!

24 Jul
Pretty proud of myself for locating a CIO’s blog (Will Weider, CIO of Affinity Health Systems). I posted about Will’s blog here at The CIO Weblog during my weekly sponsored post. It’s pretty rare to run across CIO blogs compared ... Read more »

Either Lost All My Feeds Or Lost My Mind

14 Jul
I use Bloglines to read my blogroll of feeds. I think Bloglines knows who I am and what feeds I subscrbe to, but I’ve lost the capability to see which feeds have new posts (and automatically bring them up). Anyone? ... Read more »

Interesting Technology Product Management Post

1 Jul
Hat tip: BusinessPundit. A interesting (but lengthy) post on technology product management by Raj Karamchedu which takes a stance that "Differentiation [is] A Phenonmena, Not a Concept". I think I directionally agree with Raj’s idea, and at a later date ... Read more »

The CIO Weblog Has A New Look

21 Jun
The CIO Weblog has a new design look these days as does the rest of the entire Creative Weblogging network of blogs. Thanks to Prashanth Rai (background here, blog here) who has been doing a terrific job as a co-author ... Read more »

DallasBlue Launches Blue Blogs

13 Jun
Marc Freedman, publisher of DallasBlue and CEO of RazorPop, has just launched using the 21Publish group blogging service a new service called Blue Blogs for its business network members. DallasBlue was formed 4 years ago as a newsletter created for ... Read more »