Article On Wealth, Income, and IQ

2 May
Folks may have seen this already, but I saw this article in The Times while on assignment in London last week. My very loose takeaways at the time were that that IQ and income are somewhat correlated but that IQ ... Read more »

Music For A Friday

29 Mar
A post for a Friday. Some things I really like about music are how different styles, multiple levels of thinking, team dynamics, international influence, art, classics, and musical influences and heroes play key roles. As much time as I focus ... Read more »

New Adventures – Likely Moving West

2 Mar
We’ll be moving West to Los Angeles (probably during the summer) as my wife will likely taking a visiting professorship at the UCLA Anderson School of Management. Once she starts, this will be the fourth business school environment she will ... Read more »

Sorry … Computer Issues

31 Jan
There have been many folks trying to reach me at my normal, personal email address at s4management. Email is broken for me. Severely. Suffice it to say the problem has been going on for more than a month, and there ... Read more »

Wine “ROI”

12 Dec
The last four articles I associate with wine: The Fountain of Youth at the Bottom of a Wine Bottle (wine slows aging) Substance in Wine Found to Combat Obesity, Diabetes (wine fights obesity and diabetes) Red Wine Component Revs Endurance ... Read more »

MBA Good News and Bad News

21 Sep
Good (old) news: MBA students defend having ethics programs in business school. Bad (old) news: MBAs don’t value ethics during job selection. Bad (new) news: MBA students are more likely to cheat than those in other disciplines. Mixed news: Business ... Read more »

(Political) Cartoon Compilation

4 Aug
Mel Gibson has been the top search term on Technorati for like 3+ days methinks. The stuff going on in the world is very disconcerning, but I have to say Daryl Cagle’s mass compilation of 10 pages of Mel Gibson ... Read more »