Case Examples of Empirical Research Methods As Related to Consulting Firms

Since many of my students aspire to work in consulting after they graduate, the purpose of this post is to round up some examples in the consulting space as related to research methods. This post will be updated from time to time.

Great Resource for Research Seminar Students on Statistical Power Simulations Using R

In the past, I have used power calculators like GPower for straightforward research designs, but I have never really found a good, practical resource on executing the mechanics of power simulations, especially when research designs and analytical frameworks are more complex. This great article provides a framework (with R code) to execute power simulations and may be useful to students in Research Seminar (AEM 6991). . There is also a GitHub posting at

Potential Student Resources for Data Scraping

Here are a few resources that students may find useful for research seminar projects that involve data scraping. This list of resources may be updated from time to time:

Good Papers on Machine Learning and Economics

Here are some overview papers that may be of interest to people that are learning about ties between machine learning and economics. Admittedly, it helps to have some formal background on causal inference to read these papers.

For more background on causal inference, I highly recommend the book by Scott Cunningham, Causal Inference.