Ed Sim Post On When To Say “No”

Ed Sim has a good post on knowing when to walk away from a deal. In his post he writes, "Having done enough deals, I am of the opinion that if it is extremely
one-sided and never makes economic sense, it is a recipe for disaster.
" What I also like is the tone of his writeup. Many of Ed’s posts are from the perspective of being involved and actively processing what’s going on in his venture portfolio companies.

Jeff Nolan Post on Business Development

Excellent post by Jeff Nolan on business development functions. More of a unique post in the blogosphere because the business development function is defined fuzzily (word?) across the industry as a whole in my mind. I agree with Jeff in the sense that this position is often troubled in tech start-ups. I would go further to say it is a position that is often troubled in many tech firms in general.