The Kellogg Post MBA Program

I just ran across Kellogg’s Post MBA Program, which is targeted at people that have MBAs that have aged more than ten years. This is an interesting market to target, and not one that I’ve seen before.

A more detailed curricula is outlined in their brochure, which is prefaced by text including the following:

The curriculum for the Kellogg Post-MBA Program has been created for executives who already have earned an MBA degree and want to gain a fresh perspective on leadership. The first two weeks of the program address a broad range of recent management developments such as globalization, hyper-competition, outsourcing, the shift to a knowledge-based economy, the growth of innovative financial instruments, the appearance of truly global capital markets, distributed information processing capabilities, and new communications technologies. Five months later, participants return for a leadership week that focuses on developing one’s own personal leadership capacity while also equipping people to lead change in today’s complex environment.

What is interesting to me is the characterization of recent developments. As time passes and if people don’t adapt, it can be easy for workers to get stuck in old ways, whether that be having historical prejudices, using traditional management styles, or carrying about old conceptual models on how things work.

The spirit of the Kellogg program seems good. It is great to reflect on how things have changed over the years and how one needs to adapt continuously.

Of course seeing the first curriculum item of "The Sarbanes-Oxley Act" nearly made me pass out …

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  1. The real question is however will this program help in getting you executive level opportunities? i am thinking of taking this course so looking into suggestions.

  2. I definitely recommend the Kellogg post MBA program. As a graduate myself, I can attest to the fact that you very much get the “real deal” Kellogg management education.

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