Yahoo Acquires Flickr … Plus Ask Jeeves Acquired

A lot of people reporting today on Yahoo’s acquisition of Flickr (I can hear the Yahoooooo jingle in my head as I type). Om Malik has got the latest on what rumored deal terms are. Other big technology news today is the acquisition of Ask Jeeves. See venture capitalist Fred Wilson for his quick take comparing the two deals.

Consolidation in the software space is continuing up and down the
chain. I expect much more to happen in 2005. It’s not just going to happen in the more mature
segments of the software market (like with Oracle and PeopleSoft). It’s also happening with technology
that hasn’t gotten beyond the early adopter phases (in part because
Internet business models are shifting all around due to blogging, news and PR, and advertising changes). It’s very timely that venture guys like Ed Sim are talking about what happens when competitors are acquired.

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