Is Behavioral Economics Used in Business?

19 Apr
This post is reproduced from an answer that I wrote on Quora to the question posed to me, “Is Behavioral Economics Actually Used in Business?” Broad, conscious, and concerted efforts to apply behavioral economics probably did not begin until sometime ... Read more »

Integrating Behavioral Economics and Consulting

21 Mar
Over the past few years, I have been involved with a number of projects that utilize behavioral economics principles to improve outcomes or change people’s behavior. Since this blog has a long history covering management consulting, I thought I would ... Read more »

World Wild Web

15 Feb
Some of the wildest technology news I noted from the past year: Green glowing pigs Researchers slowing down light with possible usage as storage technology 500Ghz frozen computer chips with the possibility of 1 Terahertz computer chips The last one ... Read more »