Is Corporate Blogging a Skillset Yet?

28 Feb
In the past, I’ve used to do some unorthodox things: serve as a data point to find out where early-adopters are with respect to a technology provide a sanity check on how much a particular technology has dispersed figure ... Read more »

Big Brother’s Watching Your Email and Blogs

26 Feb
Some of the same filtering technologies that block SPAM from getting to you will now be applied to keeping your trap mouth shut. (Hey, we’ve trained the SPAM technologies so well they will be getting used against us!) Blog readers ... Read more »

Consumer Choice and Self-Control, Part I

24 Feb
As promised last week by Steve, I’m going to be guest-blogging a little this week on some topics that I’ve been thinking about as part of my research efforts. My job description says that I’m a marketing professor, so you’ll ... Read more »

Where Are The McKinsey Blogs?

24 Feb
Just a moment ago, I had one hand on my credit card ready to buy up the domain names for,,, www.,,,, and They are all available. Are the traditional management consulting firms ... Read more »