Care Matters In Customer Service

14 Mar
I’m a true believer that there are many ways to skin a cat when it comes to solving business problems. Measurements and metrics for operations, however, are something that I’m borderline on being religious about. I was recently hired by ... Read more »

Blogads Survey Results

13 Mar
Steve Rubel points me to results of the recent Blogads survey, which surveyed more than 30,000 readers of blogs. Steve points out some good items that caught his interest. Some different items that jump out at me include: question #14 ... Read more »

The Oracle-SAP Bids For Retek and History Review

11 Mar
The following has been cross-posted at The CIO Weblog but is also listed here as it references some core M&A valuation studies done in the management consulting industry. What is only lightly touched upon here is the importance of program ... Read more »

Scoble’s Take on the Technorati Mini-Controversy

10 Mar
Just wanted to post a link to Scoble’s takeaways and reinforcements on the recent Technorati blogging happening. Numbers 8 and 9 from Scoble’s list are noteworthy to me (in the context of crisis response) as the blogging medium is a ... Read more »

Updates on Prior Post

9 Mar
Scott Johnson (Founder of Feedster) indicates that Scott Rafer (CEO of Feedster) notes an inaccuracy in my prior post (it would not be the first time I was wrong!). Scott Rafer elaborates on the timing of Feedster’s blogging policy release. ... Read more »

Perspectives on the Technorati Employee Blogger Controversy

8 Mar
Hat tip from SiliconBeat. Hard to trace through some of the threads, but both SiliconBeat and uber-independent-blogger Jason Kottke have good accounts (here and here) about what happened at Technorati. Kottke also has commentary on the Technorati community manager’s (Niall ... Read more »

Good Post On Link Policy

7 Mar
Fellow Dallas blogger, Jennifer Rice, has an interesting post on personal "Link Policy and Building Traffic". She makes a comment that really grabbed me: "I believe that my blogroll is a reflection of my brand." Here’s why it grabbed me. ... Read more »