Financial Times ComMetrics Global 500 Blog Index

5 Feb
For what it's worth (FWIW) – I just ran across this Blog Index (Alpha). Not sure when this was introduced (perhaps vintage 2008?). I don't fully understand the scope and rankings yet, but I find the discovery interesting given my time ... Read more »

The Downside of Saving for That Perfect Occasion

2 Jul
My wife is quoted in a recent U.S. News and World Report feature on credit cards where she talks about a quirky aspect of consumer behavior: Suzanne Shu, assistant professor of marketing at Southern Methodist University, says rewarding people with ... Read more »

Professional Services and Consulting Sales

2 May
Ford Harding has some of the best sales books I have ever seen for those in professional services and consulting. I find that many other books in the marketplace focus either too much on product-oriented businesses or sales attitude to ... Read more »

A Problem With Lessons Of Wants Versus Needs

19 Feb
As young children, we are often educated about the difference between wants and needs. Needs are basic things like food, clothing, and shelter that are required. Wants, on the other hand, are things that people desire but are optional, like ... Read more »

A Hard and Soft Side of Marketing

30 Sep
Daniel Harrison has put together some of his thoughts on organizational behavior here, and it is a great reminder to me that this subject cuts through many aspects of professional and personal life. Daniel’s listing brought me over to Dr. ... Read more »

A Problem With Debunking Myths

5 Oct
I don’t know if folks saw the article, "In Heeding Health Warnings, Memory Can Be Tricky" in the NY Times (use BugMeNot if want to bypass compulsory registration), but there is some interesting organizational behavior-like research alluded to there as ... Read more »

Cold Calling Related To Blogging Solutions

30 Sep
Motivated a little by my prior post on using blogging to imbue culture, I have a post over at my 21Publish blog to try to imbue some culture (in the public eye) on people performing inside sales and marketing functions ... Read more »

Don’t Become An 80s Rock Drummer

14 Sep
"Don’t Become An 80s Rock Drummer" … These were the words of hall of fame drummer Dave Weckl (one of my favorite drummers) at his drum clinic in Texas last night. There’s a lot of talk about specialization these days. ... Read more »