Empathy Versus Sympathy In Management Consulting

26 May
I’ve had some interesting discussions on how corporate politics play a role when consulting to clients. Perhaps I have a parochial view here. My take is that consultants should take no part in corporate politics. It was a lesson that ... Read more »

What Is Triangulation?

25 Apr
I’ve wanted to write down information about the subject of “triangulation” for some time because it seems to be one of these things that is used in the investment banking and management consulting areas, but it is something that I ... Read more »

Management Consulting and MBAs (Part 0)

17 Mar
Over the past few weeks I’ve been getting an increased amount of traffic from three groups of readers (as far as I can tell): those pursuing MBAs or contemplating MBAs those seeking information on McKinsey those seeking information on PRTM ... Read more »

The Oracle-SAP Bids For Retek and History Review

11 Mar
The following has been cross-posted at The CIO Weblog but is also listed here as it references some core M&A valuation studies done in the management consulting industry. What is only lightly touched upon here is the importance of program ... Read more »

Where Are The McKinsey Blogs?

24 Feb
Just a moment ago, I had one hand on my credit card ready to buy up the domain names for www.McKinseyBlog.com, www.BainBlog.com, www.BCGBlog.com, www. AccentureBlog.com, www.DeloitteBlog.com, www.PRTMBlog.com, www.BearingPointBlog.com, and www.EYblog.com. They are all available. Are the traditional management consulting firms ... Read more »