Working Draft of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Notice for University Classes

Based on the recent ChatGPT events that have rocked the world, here’s a baseline working draft of an AI notice that I will use in some of my classes at Cornell. It presumes that AI will be used more and more over time and that as teachers we’ll have to figure out how to balance the performance and educational integrity tradeoffs.

“Students may use artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for support purposes with their writing assignments and projects (e.g., fine-tuning language) but not for writing fundamental ideas (e.g., constructing major portions of a paper). Students are required to disclose (in an appendix) use of any artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in their writing assignments and final projects, including enumerating any key steps, substantive queries used, and the purpose of key steps and queries. Students may be subject to disciplinary action if found to have violated this code of conduct.”