Reflecting on Innovative Methods That Management Consultants Can Use to Pitch Clients

I wrote the following post in response to someone on Quora who asked me about innovative methods that management consultants use to pitch clients instead of using PowerPoint presentations.

Surprisingly, one can go a long way with Powerpoint presentations. Outside of that, to sell to clients I have used these methods in more rare to less common circumstances (generally only in cases when I was an independent consultant):

  1. Facilitating an imagination exercise – Essentially having a person imagine that we’re at the end of the project, we’re looking backward, and we’ve gotten good results working together. I have them explain the kinds of things that happened to make the project go well, and I help co-construct the path that we used to get there.
  2. Writing a job description that is needed and that I could fulfill – In some cases it might be easier to outline general problem areas, desired outcomes, and probable activities as opposed to using a very linear project approach with engagement workstreams. So I created a new role within the company by writing a job description, and I filled that role on an interim basis via contract.
  3. Helping advise another person to get an executive role – As an example, I essentially provided coaching feedback to a person that was interviewing and pitching to lead a new business within another company. That person brought to the table specialized experience within a field. I brought perspectives on starting up new business initiatives. When they got the job, I was in the perfect position to continue to advise more formally.
  4. Using product exhibits – Essentially using software products or mock-ups as a centerpiece to describe the end goal of where we could potentially go together and then verbally describing how we would get there. This approach can make outcomes more tangible and vivid.


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