PhD Seminar on Nudging and the Field: Birdseye’s View from a Practitioner-Researcher

Presenter: Steve Shu

Seminar Purpose: To introduce PhD students in Behavioral Decision Making to key considerations and processes for pursuing field research projects with corporations.

Seminar Agenda (3 hours):

Part 1: Academic Realm – What do researchers care about and what strategies do they use to proceed with research?

  • Qualitative review of academic researcher needs
  • Discussion of research platforms
  • Open discussion on field versus lab research

Part 2: Company Realm – What strategies can companies use to develop the right level of commitment and fortitude for behavioral science initiatives?

  • What it takes to get behavioral science initiatives implemented
  • Behavioral GRIT™ concept for planning
  • Role of information, choice, and process architecture during planning
  • Role of mass and personalized concepts during planning
  • Blindspots

Part 3: Field Research Case Examples – How might one both succeed and avoid trouble?

  • Case 1: Lens on the business development process and pitching research ideas to corporate hosts and collaboration partners
  • Case 2: Lens on a large enterprise host, aligning goals, working implementation details, and leveraging opportunities
  • Case 3: Lens on the digital world and a venture-backed host