Other Resources for Inside Nudging

1 Jan
These are other miscellaneous resources that may be of interest to readers of Inside Nudging. Video: Capuchin Monkeys and Fairness Loss Aversion Calculator Retirement Goal Planning System app Video: D-Light Club Card by Idmoo | Idomoo Website Video: Personalized Pension Statement by Idomoo | ... Read more »

Downloadable Figures for Inside Nudging

1 Jan
These are downloadable figures for Inside Nudging. Chapter 1: Figure 1 Chapter 1: Figure 2 Chapter 1: Figure 3 Chapter 1: Figure 4 Chapter 1: Figure 5 Chapter 1: Figure 6 Chapter 2: Figure 1 Chapter 2: Figure 2 Chapter 2: ... Read more »

Materials for Chapter 3 of The Consulting Apprenticeship

1 Jan
  Takeaway Exercise 2: If you have more time and want to spend more time on techniques, it is worthwhile to better understand how to establish the right problem-solving structure. Consider these resources: McKinsey presentation on problem-solving and decision-making (covers core ... Read more »

Perspectives On Consultants Using Twitter

9 Dec
I don't often point to comments in other blogs, but Ian Brodie shares some good perspectives on consultants using Twitter (link). It is worth a read if you are a professional consultant and trying to update your perspectives on Twitter ... Read more »