The Oracle-SAP Bids For Retek and History Review

11 Mar
The following has been cross-posted at The CIO Weblog but is also listed here as it references some core M&A valuation studies done in the management consulting industry. What is only lightly touched upon here is the importance of program ... Read more »

Scoble’s Take on the Technorati Mini-Controversy

10 Mar
Just wanted to post a link to Scoble’s takeaways and reinforcements on the recent Technorati blogging happening. Numbers 8 and 9 from Scoble’s list are noteworthy to me (in the context of crisis response) as the blogging medium is a ... Read more »

Updates on Prior Post

9 Mar
Scott Johnson (Founder of Feedster) indicates that Scott Rafer (CEO of Feedster) notes an inaccuracy in my prior post (it would not be the first time I was wrong!). Scott Rafer elaborates on the timing of Feedster’s blogging policy release. ... Read more »

Perspectives on the Technorati Employee Blogger Controversy

8 Mar
Hat tip from SiliconBeat. Hard to trace through some of the threads, but both SiliconBeat and uber-independent-blogger Jason Kottke have good accounts (here and here) about what happened at Technorati. Kottke also has commentary on the Technorati community manager’s (Niall ... Read more »

Good Post On Link Policy

7 Mar
Fellow Dallas blogger, Jennifer Rice, has an interesting post on personal "Link Policy and Building Traffic". She makes a comment that really grabbed me: "I believe that my blogroll is a reflection of my brand." Here’s why it grabbed me. ... Read more »

Corporate Blogging Book Table of Contents

6 Mar
Thought I would put out the table of contents of the Corporate Blogging book that I was potentially going to write in two months time (those following here may know that I was approached by a publisher out of the ... Read more »

More Musings on the ROI of Blogging

5 Mar
In a prior post I expressed one different way to look at the ROI of blogging by not measuring blogging ROI directly but directly measuring the alternative as a proxy (in some sense). Now Jeffrey Hill has been conducting a ... Read more »

CMT Has Position for $100K Corporate Blogger

4 Mar
I just blogged about corporate positions explicitly requiring blogging skills as part of a job description. WebProNews points me to news that CMT is on the ball with a Dukes of Hazzard blogger position, officially entitled "Vice President of Hazzard ... Read more »