Updates on Prior Post

9 Mar
Scott Johnson (Founder of Feedster) indicates that Scott Rafer (CEO of Feedster) notes an inaccuracy in my prior post (it would not be the first time I was wrong!). Scott Rafer elaborates on the timing of Feedster’s blogging policy release. ... Read more »

Perspectives on the Technorati Employee Blogger Controversy

8 Mar
Hat tip from SiliconBeat. Hard to trace through some of the threads, but both SiliconBeat and uber-independent-blogger Jason Kottke have good accounts (here and here) about what happened at Technorati. Kottke also has commentary on the Technorati community manager’s (Niall ... Read more »

Good Post On Link Policy

7 Mar
Fellow Dallas blogger, Jennifer Rice, has an interesting post on personal "Link Policy and Building Traffic". She makes a comment that really grabbed me: "I believe that my blogroll is a reflection of my brand." Here’s why it grabbed me. ... Read more »

Corporate Blogging Book Table of Contents

6 Mar
Thought I would put out the table of contents of the Corporate Blogging book that I was potentially going to write in two months time (those following here may know that I was approached by a publisher out of the ... Read more »

More Musings on the ROI of Blogging

5 Mar
In a prior post I expressed one different way to look at the ROI of blogging by not measuring blogging ROI directly but directly measuring the alternative as a proxy (in some sense). Now Jeffrey Hill has been conducting a ... Read more »

CMT Has Position for $100K Corporate Blogger

4 Mar
I just blogged about corporate positions explicitly requiring blogging skills as part of a job description. WebProNews points me to news that CMT is on the ball with a Dukes of Hazzard blogger position, officially entitled "Vice President of Hazzard ... Read more »

How My Clients Can Bypass The MBA

4 Mar
Operations (whether manufacturing, service-oriented, etc.) is one of the most underrated subjects (I have at least two others) in MBA programs. Part of it has to do with that some aspects of operations use mathematics concepts like Little’s Law, statistical ... Read more »