Management Consulting and MBAs (Part 0)

17 Mar
Over the past few weeks I’ve been getting an increased amount of traffic from three groups of readers (as far as I can tell): those pursuing MBAs or contemplating MBAs those seeking information on McKinsey those seeking information on PRTM ... Read more »

The Oracle-SAP Bids For Retek and History Review

11 Mar
The following has been cross-posted at The CIO Weblog but is also listed here as it references some core M&A valuation studies done in the management consulting industry. What is only lightly touched upon here is the importance of program ... Read more »

Where Are The McKinsey Blogs?

24 Feb
Just a moment ago, I had one hand on my credit card ready to buy up the domain names for,,, www.,,,, and They are all available. Are the traditional management consulting firms ... Read more »