Should You Seek Input or Help From a Third Party?

19 May
People should view this post as a “food for thought” post. The idea for this post was triggered by things I have been increasingly seeing in companies as the recession bottoms out. The managerial situations are similar pre-recession, but anecdotally ... Read more »

Leadership Is Innate (Part 2?)

10 Mar
Three years ago I wrote a post entitled "Leadership Is An Innate Skill?". In that post, I essentially avoided the core topic (because I didn't have an opinion), but I made some anecdotal points about  how one could foster one's ... Read more »

Services Offered

15 Sep
Freelance consultant. Provide both interim management and business strategy, marketing, and operations consulting services to clients. Specialty sectors include high-tech, software, services, and communications/telecom. Sample services include: Outsourced management for growth-phase companies (business development & general management) New business initiatives ... Read more »