Management Consulting Manifesto

9 Apr
Got an idea from Dan Wallace (Twitter handle: @Ideafood) to write a manifesto (link to some other examples here). As many regular readers may know, I am pretty passionate about the practice of business and management consulting. Without further ado, here ... Read more »

Should You Seek Input or Help From a Third Party?

19 May
People should view this post as a “food for thought” post. The idea for this post was triggered by things I have been increasingly seeing in companies as the recession bottoms out. The managerial situations are similar pre-recession, but anecdotally ... Read more »

Interview On The Ethics Of Consulting

5 Aug
I was recently asked to do an interview at the consultant website, "Think Like A Consultant" on ethics & consulting. The full interview is posted here. One question particularly of note was "What are the best ways to handle a ... Read more »