On Too Much Choice

17 Mar
I just noticed that Virginia Postrel is talking about "consumers and too much choice" in her latest post and Forbes column. The jam scenario is the same thing that my wife referred to a few weeks ago in the first ... Read more »

The Sometimes Forgotten Wake of WorldCom

16 Mar
Having spent a good amount of time in the telecommunications industry from the late 80s through the 90s, I remember when WorldCom rose out of nowhere to become a darling in the industry. With Bernard Ebbers recent conviction, it has ... Read more »

Wisdom and Encouragement

16 Mar
Ego off and true WISDOM revealed. Seth puts it real well. Perhaps the greatest blog post I have seen all year (either that or he’s caught me at the right moment where I am not fuming over the "30 books ... Read more »

Sending Out an S.O.S. to the World

15 Mar
Post title inspired by the band The Police.S.O.S. – an international distress signal. The message to the world about the Bernard Ebbers conviction. Alan Greenspan’s warning flags and time ticker on social ... Read more »

Musings on Venture Capital Portfolios

15 Mar
Two posts (here and here) over at Jeff Nolan’s site (regarding a speculated hedge investment holding by TCV) prompted me to write a more general post on venture capital portfolios. To set some groundwork, I think about investments in two ... Read more »

Trash Talking the MBA Degree Again

14 Mar
Seth Godin (Stanford MBA, bestselling author, entrepreneur and also evangelist in my book [see my side links]) is trash talking the MBA degree, and it’s quite entertaining. What I find hilarious is his comment (emphasis added by me): An MBA ... Read more »