Initial Impressions on “Blink” for MBAs

19 Mar
I am currently halfway through Malcolm Gladwell’s book, "Blink". I have completed his book, "The Tipping Point" which I gave very high marks. The first story told in the book regarding art and high $$ is very gripping. Excellent storytelling ... Read more »

MBA vs. Books? What About EMBA?

18 Mar
Seth Godin is still getting heat for on ongoing post festival in the past week surrounding the body of knowledge in MBA program. He’s drives the point forward a bit more using more MBA-esque language. That’s an interesting way of ... Read more »

Keeping the MBA Fresh with “The Tipping Point”

18 Mar
I finally had a chance to complete Malcolm Gladwell’s book, "The Tipping Point." It is an excellent book. My favorite chapter (by far) was the one that covers social analysis and leverage points surrounding swinging the tide of suicide and ... Read more »

Management Consulting and MBAs (Part 0)

17 Mar
Over the past few weeks I’ve been getting an increased amount of traffic from three groups of readers (as far as I can tell): those pursuing MBAs or contemplating MBAs those seeking information on McKinsey those seeking information on PRTM ... Read more »

On Too Much Choice

17 Mar
I just noticed that Virginia Postrel is talking about "consumers and too much choice" in her latest post and Forbes column. The jam scenario is the same thing that my wife referred to a few weeks ago in the first ... Read more »