Other Resources for Inside Nudging

1 Jan

These are other miscellaneous resources that may be of interest to readers of Inside Nudging.

  1. Video: Capuchin Monkeys and Fairness
  2. Loss Aversion Calculator
  3. Retirement Goal Planning System app
  4. Video: D-Light Club Card by Idmoo | Idomoo Website
  5. Video: Personalized Pension Statement by Idomoo | Idomoo Website
  6. Video: Personalized Pension Statement by Mercer UK
  7. Video: Barclays Personalized Lending Video
  8. Video: Barclays Direct Marketing Award with Personalized Videos
  9. Video: The Aviva Reality Check | Shape My Future
  10. Video: Tobii Eye Tracking System
  11. Video: Wearable Eye Tracking, Tobii Pro Glasses 2
  12. iMotions: Biometric Research Platform (“plug and play”)
  13. Video: Orange FutureSelf Demo | Orange Future Self Site
  14. Whitepaper: Econs, Humans and the Perception of Risk
  15. Whitepaper: The Neglected Variable Affecting Portfolio Choices in the 21st Century
  16. Whitepaper: Using Decision Styles to Improve Financial Outcomes
  17. Whitepaper: Engaging Employees to Take Action in a Digital Age
  18. Working Paper: How Do Consumers Respond When Default Options Push the Envelope?
  19. Journal Article: Consumer Preferences for Annuity Attributes: Beyond Net Present Value

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