Blog Swarms On Dell This Morning?

1 Aug

My newsreader seems to be clogged up this morning about blogs and Dell (e.g., how one blog has affected Dell). Perhaps no use writing about anything else. Check these out:

Maybe for a little history on the subject, go to:

And maybe a little unfair (and totally unresearched), but Dell opened lower this morning:

And if one searches for "Dell Blog" on Google, one gets here.

Added (8/2/05): Shel Israel (new post)
Added (8/2/05): Robert Scoble (older post for more background)
Added (8/2/05): Steve Rubel (older post for more background)
Added (8/2/05): PC World (older article for more background)

Update (8/23/05): Dell responds. Jarvis comments. Fred Wilson targets Amazon next?

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