Chapter 1 of Business Blogging Book By Shel Israel and Robert Scoble Posted

27 Feb

Shel Israel and Robert Scoble have released Chapter 1 of their forthcoming book on business blogging. For those that have not been following that closely, the book will be one of the largest authoring collaborations on the Internet as it will draw on experiences and feedback from the blogosphere at The Red Couch. Very unique means for building the book, and the structure of the book looks great so far. Even with the knowledge and power of Scoble, it would be impossible to write a book covering the subject without considering the rest of the blogosphere. The first proposal for Israel and Scoble’s book was produced in December, and the authors cut a (speculative) lucrative book deal with Wiley earlier this month. There is also a lot of hot of the presses drama behind the scenes associated with pioneers Dave Winer and John Robb being excluded from the deal. You can view some of it here (Scoble), here (Winer), and here (Robb).

Steve Shu
Managing Director, S4 Management Group

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